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GTA: City Stories on the cards?

It seems that Rockstar Games is planning a new game in the Grand Theft Auto series called City Stories. This would not be a big surprise, because that’s the biggest franchise they have, but what this game will be is still a mystery, if it ever comes out.

The information comes from a trademark registration by the owner of Rockstar Games, Take-Two, who bought the rights to GTA: City Stories. It’s curious that the “Stories” moniker was used a few years back for the two GTA games on the PSP, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, so we may be looking at a new game for portable platforms. The PlayStation Vita desperately needs a killer app in the form of a Triple A game like Grand Theft Auto, so a deal between Take-Two and Sony isn’t that far-fetched.

The fact that the Stories games were eventually released on the PlayStation 2 could mean that the new game if it really is a thing, can eventually launch on the home consoles. A PlayStation 3 port would not surprise me at all, considering that the engine already works on that console, and there is a huge install base to sell the game to.

All this can also be speculation for nothing, because lots of companies are buying licences just to protect their property so that other people don’t come and “steal” them. It’s curious that this information comes right before E3 2014, and right after Take-Two revealed that a console game from Rockstar will be released durring this fiscal year, which ends in March of 2015. If a new GTA game gets announced at E3, will it be ready for prime time before the spring of next year? Knowing how Rockstar likes to take its time to develop games and make them feel “just right”, I don’t really see that happening.


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