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Destiny alpha phase extended for the PS4

The PS4 version of Destiny entered its alpha test phase on Friday and was supposed to last only throughout the weekend. However, if you have access to the alpha and try to play it you’ll notice that it’s still possible even though it should be over by now. Bungie came on Twitter earlier today and said that they are extending the testing period in order to allow “dangerous experiments”. They do warn that if you choose to continue playing beyond the official close you will be doing it “at your own risk.” Sounds very dangerous, but I’m guessing that people who are able will continue playing Destiny alpha regardless of the incredible risks.

All jokes aside, the company probably wants to test the servers some more or perhaps they are testing some new features. In any case, this news is certain to make a lot of PS4 owners very happy. Bungie didn’t mention if you can still get into the alpha now, but I’m assuming that only people that already had access can continue playing. Sadly they didn’t announce anything about an Xbox One alpha version of Destiny, nor is there any news regarding the Xbox One beta for that matter. The company only mentioned that PS3 and PS4 beta will kick off starting with July 17th with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions to follow “soon after.”

Destiny will run at 1080p on both platforms at launch. The Xbox One is able to run at this resolution thanks to the removal of the Kinect sensor. Microsoft said earlier this month that the platform will benefit from the removal of Kinect, and will see a GPU performance boost of up to 10%. However, the game will still only run at 30 frames per second on the console even with this boost. On the other hand, the PS4 version of Destiny will presumably run at constant 60 fps. Lead Designer Lars Bakken said that the developers are taking advantage of “the cool things that Sony is doing with the [PS4] platform.”

We’re also doing some cool lightbar stuff that’s extremely subtle. If you didn’t look for it you wouldn’t see it: when your health’s low it’s pulsing red, when your super’s ready it’s flashing yellow, when you go into Hive areas it’s pale green. A lot of people aren’t going to notice it but it makes the experience richer, and when the fans notice that stuff we love it.”

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