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The Order: 1886 will be a “story driven linear experience”

The Order: 1886 was looking like a really promising new IP until E3 2014. Now don’t get me wrong, the game still looks stunning from a visual stand point and the premise is still very interesting, but there’s just a small problem with Ready at Dawn’s upcoming title. The gameplay footage presented at E3 suggested that The Order: 1886 will feature quite a large number of quick time events, which raised a lot of concerns among the fans. The company defended the use of QTEs and stated that they will only be used when necessary. “I don’t have a specific answer to that, but once every 3-4 minutes?…No! As much as necessary,” Ready at Dawn’s Marc Turndorf told GamingBolt. ” There are many kinds of QTEs. There are really compelling ones at the end of a boss battle or just a melee encounter which makes it more gratifying and gives it some branches which are really fun.”

Following that statement, many people decided to just let is slide for now, after all, quick time events are common in action-adventure titles such as The Order: 1886. But recently another piece of bad news arrived via a statement by the same Marc Turnodrf who revealed that the game will not feature multiple endings and will be a linear experience for the most part. “It’s a story driven linear experience. There are some branches here and there and different ways to do things, but we’re trying to tell one story with one compelling ending.” One the bright side, the game does look absolutely amazing and the company assures us that we’re in for an immersive experience. “We think it’s gonna blow players away with the seamless integration of filmic and gameplay in one awesome package,” Turndorf said.

He might be right about the last part, but will it be enough to convince players that it’s worth their time. We all know that graphics are important, but gameplay is equally important. From the looks of it, The Order: 1886 will offer a lot in terms of action, visuals, and narrative, which will most certainly be strong selling points for the title. On the other hand, linear games are becoming less popular these days so I hope Ready at Dawn cooked up some really interesting features in order to keep players engaged from start to finish.

The Order: 1886 is a PS4 exclusive and will be released on February 20, 2015. Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates.

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