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Blizzard introduces Rehgar the shaman to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard Entertainment has been very busy working on their upcoming MOBA lately. Just last week the company unveiled Garden of Terror, a new battleground coming to Heroes of the Storm. Today they introduced the shaman Rehgar as being the latest hero to make the already impressive lineup. Rehgar may not be as well known as Diablo, Thrall, or Jim Raynor, but he will likely seem very familiar to those of you who played Warcraft 3 before. Blizzard tells us that Rehgar Eartfury is an experienced fighter who once fought as a gladiator. He put that life aside however and now he’s now just a simple Earthen Ring shaman trying to help with the restoration of Azeroth.

His spells and abilities make him most suitable for the Support role, but he can handle himself pretty well in a 1v1 fight as well. If you’ve played Warcraft 3 then you’ll know exactly what to expect from this Heroes of the Storm shaman, just as game director Dustin Browder explains. “He’s a pretty cool and aggressive support character. He can change into his mount form whenever he wants very quickly. He turns into a ghost wolf and runs around. He’s a very special kind of support character, and a lot of fun to play. Basically, Rehgar is a shaman with a bunch of elemental abilities. He’s a classic Warcraft III Shaman build.” Below you will find more details about his abilities.

  • Chain Heal: The shaman of Azeroth are famed for their healing abilities, fueled by the natural and spiritual energies of the world. This healing beam mends the wounds of its initial target before bouncing to a couple of other nearby allies, healing them for a smaller amount.
  • Lightning Shield: Rehgar’s attunement to the elements allows him to infuse an ally or himself with the primal power of lightning, which jolts nearby enemies over a short period of time.
  • Earthbind Totem: Totems have always been a core instrument of war for the shaman, used to weave elemental energy around the area they’re placed. The earthbind totem inhibits movement of nearby enemies, allowing Rehgar to control space and prevent enemies from fleeing battle.
  • Bloodlust: In times of great need, the shaman can stir the blood of their allies, awakening an intense rage and ferocity within them. Rehgar can use bloodlust to temporarily increase attack and movement speeds for both nearby allied heroes and himself.
  • Ancestral Healing: While chain heal is best used for healing multiple allies, Rehgar can also concentrate the healing powers of his ancestors’ noble spirits and focus them upon a single ally, mending even the gravest of wounds.

Overall Rehgar seems like a great addition to Heroes of the Storm and is someone who you’ll definitely want on your side in a team fight. He also looks completely fearless and doesn’t sound too impressed with all the other heroes. Or as he himself puts it: “Heroes of the Storm? I am the storm!”

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