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Microsoft Windows Smartwatch Design

Windows smartwatch design leaked

With all the fuss around wearable devices being released, Microsoft woke up to see that they are, once again, tailing Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2, Motorola’s Moto 360, HP’s newly announced luxury smartwatch and Sony’s SW2 smartwatch. To this realization Microsoft has leaked its new smartwatch’s design, which honestly, pleases the eye.

Microsoft smartwatch running Windows for wearables
Microsoft smartwatch running Windows for wearables

The concept images released are akin to previously seen drawings and designs, but the gadget looks far better than what we’ve already seen. Although similar to Moto 360’s round watch design, the Windows Phone smartwatch will supposedly have Cortana built in and available from right in the middle of the watch hands, which is kind of handy. Cortana will supposedly use Nokia Here  Maps to help you get directions, and will work together with your Windows 8.1 phone to give you on the spot speech directions.  The design can be attributed to Nadir Aslam and the watch will sport leather straps, which would be a nice addition in the face of Samsung’s Gear 2’s rubber strap and Sony’s SW2’s silicone strap. The round watch face looks much like chrome, shiny and metallic, reminiscent of top quality wristwatches you can find around the world.

Allegedly, the Microsoft Phone Smartwatch will act much like like a Fitbit or Gear Bit, revolving around fitness and health monitoring, featuring always-on heart rate monitors, accelerometer, galvanic skin response, gyroscope and GPS, naturally. We don’t know what the gadget’s name will be yet, but we expect something like Kinekt Wear, Lumia Wear or something similar, but no information has been provided to this effect. There has been some hinting on Microsoft’s part to a Wearable OS developed by Windows, which remains to be confirmed, but we would gladly test that out to see whether it lives up to Android Wear, the most popular wearable OS at the moment.

Compared to SW2 and Gear 2, Microsoft’s design looks smoother and more like a wristwatch then a gadget and appeals to those of us who appreciate classic watch designs and premium materials. Concerning specs, we don’t have any relevant info, but we expect Microsoft to come up with something innovative, or keep tailing Samsung and Motorola. Even though the design part is a huge plus, if hardware and software specs remain ordinary, sales of the Windows watch will probably not overcome those of leading companies.

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