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OnePlus One to be released in India

OnePlus has taken the first steps to renounce the exclusivity of the OnePlus One flagship: it has announced that it will release the flagship in India. That is a big first step if you think about it, and I’m glad that OnePlus has seen that the budget flagship with great specs deserves to be on a free market, not received only by invite.

The manufacturer has declared that it has seen the interest Indian consumers have showed towards the OnePlus One flagship and decided that they would market the flagship in India. The company has even posted a job offer looking for a General Manager for Indian operations, hopefully to be filled by a local applicant.

The OnePlus One has so far been available only by invite or by winning a judgmental contest where girls had to post selfies with the OnePlus One logo. Some have even said that OnePlus covered up screen issues that were reported by OnePlus One users, so it has not been an easy road for the manufacturer, but it seems they have scraped up enough support to begin mass production of the handset. The OnePlus One update we reported on came as a refreshing response to all the problems users had reported, but not without its own bugs with battery draining issues.

The OnePlus One will arrive in India soon, and since a coordinator will be hired to resolve distributions, operation and market analysis, we’re sure that mass production is imminent and everybody will soon get their hands on the flagship. We can only hope that it won’t be too late and the device won’t become outdated and outspecced by the multitude of devices coming this year and in the future.

Here is what a OnePlus representative has declared in the job opening announcement:

“We’ve seen tremendous interest from India in the OnePlus One, but to enter the market we’ll need the help of a local visionary. You will be the sun, the light that leads OnePlus into the Indian market; the center of orbit for all projects, operations, and service; the ambassador that spreads the OnePlus brand across India like a wildfire.

Personality counts as much as experience here. We’re looking for a leader that knows the market, sees issues before they arise, and coordinates resourceful and seamless solutions. The right candidate will successfully incorporate their local knowledge, global experience, and natural talent into building OnePlus operations and brand awareness in India. This position requires authority, leadership, and resolve when things get rough. We need you to weather the storm with us. Are you confident in your abilities and naturally inclined to make things work better around you?”

We expect to see some sort of press release from the newly appointed General Manager in the near future, and we hope that said individual will say something like: yes, the One will be available at a carrier. Or something like: yes, the One will be in stores by the end of the year! That would be a great development and a great achievement on the part of the manufacturer and the General Manager as well.

On the sidelines: A new competition has been made public by Canadian dbrand.com, where you need to post a video of yourself telling someone to get back to work for a chance to win a OnePlus One and $1000. We don’t know how legitimate this competition is, but head on to the site and submit you video, maybe you’ll be the next lucky owner of the flagship.

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