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“Escape Dead Island” release date announced

Deep Silver announced that Escape Dead Island, a spin-off to the original series, will be released on November 18 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. The German publisher announced that access to a beta version of Dead Island 2 will be available for those who pre-order Escape Dead Island on any platform.

There will be several differences between Escape Dead Island and its predecessors. The most important aspect is that this game will feature cel-shaded graphics instead of the realistic graphics of the other games. The game is a survival mystery and it will take place on the island of Narapela, from the already established Banoi archipelago. The protagonist, Cliff Calo, sets sail to document the unexplained events rumored to have happened on Banoi. Upon arriving on the island of Narapela, Cliff will have to try and makes sense of it all. According to the developer, this game is a story driven adventure in which players will have to unravel the origins of the zombie outbreak.

According to the developer, “Escape Dead Island” will bridge the way between the original “Dead Island” and “Dead Island 2”, the company’s next big entry to the franchise. Dead Island 2 will be released in 2015. The first “Dead Island” game and its sequel, “Riptide” were made by polish developer Techland. Escape from Dead Island is developed by Fatshark and Dead Island 2 will be made by German developer Yager Development. What’s curious is that Techland, the original developer of the series, is working on a similar survival horror game called “Dying Light”, set to release in February 2015. Initially, Techland’s new game was supposed to be a “Dead Island” sequel, but they decided to make it a completely new game, because of its new features. The features include a massive open world, new zombies, real time day/night cycle and new game mechanics. The game will also feature 4 players co-op.

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