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iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Clash of the Titans

Two of the most highly anticipated devices of the year have finally been announced and detailed earlier this month. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 made its first official appearance on September 4th at the IFA Trade Show, the iPhone 6 Plus along with the iPhone 6 were only unveiled on September 9th during Apple’s special event. In previous years the Note phablets didn’t have a lot of direct competition thanks to their massive screen sizes, but things have definitely changed this year. The LG G3 and OnePlus One proved that there’s room on the market for many more high-end smartphones with large displays and now it’s Apple’s turn to join the party with the iPhone 6 Plus.

This device is a considerable improvement over the iPhone 5s and also packs a bigger punch than the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, but how does it stack up against the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? At first glance both devices seem to have a lot going on for themselves, but as always, one will be more impressive than the other. So we’re going to take a look at their specs, prices and operating systems among other things in order to find out which one is the better candidate for a possible purchase. In this comparison we’re only going to talk about the iPhone 6 Plus as the standard iPhone 6 is not a suitable competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet because of its smaller screen size. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these titans of the smartphone world and see what each of them brings to the table.

First off, as you can image size isn’t everything, but it’s certainly important in this comparison. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm device with a huge 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with 1440 x 2560 resolution and 515 PPI. Pretty much any device will be hard pressed to compete with an impressive screen like that, but the iPhone 6 Plus will definitely try. Apple’s latest flagship measures 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm and comes equipped with a 5.5-inch IPS LCD panel with 1080 x 1920 resolution and 401 PPI. We do need to give props to Apple for all the considerable improvements they made since the iPhone 5s, but it’s just not enough to beat the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Sadly the iPhone 6 Plus didn’t end up featuring a Sapphire glass screen like we all hoped so it doesn’t really have any advantage over Samsung’s phablet in the display department. On the bright side, the device is certainly thinner so that’s something to take into consideration.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes equipped with one of the most impressive displays around and a great set of specs to boot.

Hardware-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes in two variants, each more impressive than the last. One of them features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor @ 2.7 GHz Krait 450 with 3GB of RAM and Adreno 420 GPU. The other model comes equipped with an Exynos 5433  octa-core processor with four 1.3 GHz Cortex A-53 cores and four 1.9 GHz Cortex A-59 cores along with a Mali-T760 GPU and 3GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also packs a 16MP primary sensor with OIS and LED flash, 3.7MP secondary camera,  32GB internal storage memory with microSD card support good for up to 128 GB additional storage and a massive 3,220 mAh battery. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with some great specs, but its competitor isn’t anything to sneeze at either.

The iPhone 6 Plus runs on Apple’s new 64-bit A8 chipset complete with a dual-core Cyclone CPU clocked at 1.4 GHz, PowerVR GX6650 GPU and 2GB of RAM. The iPhone 6 Plus features an 8 MP primary sensor, just like its predecessor, but comes with OIS, dual-LED and various other features that greatly improve image and video quality. There is also a rather small 1.2MP secondary camera. As for the internal storage memory, Apple announced three iPhone 6 Plus variants that come with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage, respectively. Unfortunately there is no microSD card support, which is definitely a disadvantage over the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Apple didn’t announce the battery size for the iPhone 6 Plus, but presumably we can expect to see a vast improvement over the iPhone 5s so take that as you will. The battery is expected to last around 384 hours in stand-by mode and 24 hours of talk time.

Apple promises that the iPhone 6 Plus can offer 80 hours of audio listening time.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a lot of advantages over the iPhone 6 Plus, but the latter arguably has the upper hand when it comes to the operating system. This isn’t an Apple vs iOS battle so I’m not saying that one is better than the other, don’t get me wrong. However, the iPhone 6 Plus runs on the iOS 8, the latest major update to Apple’s operating system, which was officially launched together with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch a couple of days ago at the special event. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, which is also the latest version of the operating system, but it’s not the latest major update. Indeed, Android L will only launch later this year so we didn’t expect to see the phablet running it just yet. Unfortunately, Samsung devices have not been a top priority for the latest versions of Android in the past and this will likely not change any time soon.

That being said, the iPhone 6 Plus is generally more interesting when it comes to the OS just because of the fact that it comes equipped with the newest major update and that’s always appealing to many customers. Admittedly, NFC and other new iOS 8 features have already been available for some time on Android so that’s not much of a novelty. But the operating system has other tricks up its sleeve such as the new Metal gaming technology, which sets the bar pretty high when it comes to mobile gaming and a lot of major developers have already jumped on the bandwagon and confirmed that they will be making games for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This means that a lot of mobile gamers will likely switch to iOS in the future and that’s pretty bad news for Android. We’ll just have to wait and see if Android L can offer something else that will sway customers to its side once it launches. But even more importantly for the sake of this comparison is the question: will the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 upgrade to Android L in due time after the final build of the OS is released by Google? I suspect that we’ll have to wait at least a few months for that to happen, but it’s pretty hard to say at this point since there wasn’t any official announcement from Samsung so I’ll just leave it at that.

The iOS 8 will definitely be a strong selling point for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Last but not least, we have to talk about pricing since this will be a deciding factor for many people. Samsung unfortunately didn’t discuss this aspect during the IFA, but they did mention that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature a premium price tag. Most sources speculate that the device will cost $300 on a two-year contract and anywhere from $600 to $800 unlocked. The phablet is said to become available for purchase in early October and will make its way to all major US carriers so we’ll have to wait until then for the specific price. Apple on the other hand did announce pricing for the iPhone 6 Plus and it will certainly cost you quite a bit if you want the maximum amount of storage. A two-year contract iPhone 6 Plus is priced at $300 for the 16GB version, $400 for the 64GB and $500 for the 128GB. But if you don’t want to commit to any carriers, you can purchase an unlocked iPhone 6 Plus for $750 (16GB), $850 (64GB) or $950 (128 GB). The device will become available for purchase on September 19th in the US.

All in all, the iPhone 6 Plus will be a bit more expensive compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but this isn’t all that surprising. However, if the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will end up costing $800, then the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus will actually end up being a bit cheaper. In regards to the specs, it’s pretty safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is overall superior, but the iPhone 6 Plus is arguably not that far behind. Also, Apple is offering a device equipped with a newer operating system, which is certainly important for many potential customers. If you’re already an iOS user the iPhone 6 Plus is pretty much a dream come true even if you’ll have to pay quite a pretty penny if you want the maximum amount of storage. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers increased performance and a truly impressive screen that puts most other devices to shame. Not to mention that the S Pen now comes with several new features that are bound to delight users. The drawback is that you may have to wait a while until the device upgrades to Android L, but it will happen eventually so all you need is patience. As always, the final decision is up to you and it’s definitely not an easy one that’s for sure.

The iOS vs Android battle will begin anew after Android L will be released, but for now the iOS 8 has the upper hand.

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  1. What a waste of money! Why do Americans these days always feel the need to get the latest iStuff?

    There is barely any difference between the very first iPhone and the latest model. A touch screen phone with internet… WOW!

    You shouldn’t be able to complain about the economy or your own personal financial situation if you blow your money on trivial Apple crap.

    Many American have a steak taste on a hamburger budget . That’s part of the problem we now face from a long time ago. Barrow to the max and then whine about now having enough money . Nice house , car or truck and boat. Can you afford them or does it really matter at this period of time?

    I’m just gonna make smart decisions with my money so I don’t end up with an empty bank account:

    1) Paying off my debts as they come to me. Never holding a credit card balance longer than a month. If this means living in a small studio apartment and eating ramen, rice, and beans, so be it.

    2) I will always buy small, fuel efficient and durable cars. I drive a 2006 Honda Civic now. It costs me nothing to fill up and next to nothing to insure ($25/month from Insurance Panda… woohoo!). I will not drive when I don’t need to, and use public transportation whenever possible.

    3) Developing multiple revenue streams. Doing side jobs. Building up small businesses. Doing contract work. Basically doing whatever I can to generate income from multiple sources.

    4) Grow my revenue and assets no matter what. Make sure I am always expanding and develop them to the point that they consistently generate reliable cash flow.

    5) The most important one – make as much as I can. Save as much as I can.

    iPhones… ecigarettes… Starbucks… Chipotle Burritos…new clothes.. organic lipgloss… expensive yoga classes. Why not try living in your means for once? No wonder we have a debt crisis.

    • This is the second site ive seen you post this same comment. I still bet you posted it with an iphone.

    • Some of us have six figure incomes and are financially stable. For us, the iPhone 6 is a minor expense.

    • We aren’t all suffering like you are little miss.

    • I’m a self made millionaire. Buying an iphone 6 plus 128gb is like buying a pack of gums.

    • Say what you will about iPhones, eCigarettes, Starbucks, new clothes, organic lipgloss, expensive yoga classes… BUT DON’T YOU DARE! DON’T YOU DARE BRING CHIPOTLE BURRITOS INTO THIS!! THAT IS JUST LOW!! PETTY & LOW!! BESIDES THAT CHIPOTLE BURRITOS ARE LIKE 50 CENTS! So it is clear, you kind madam, you have something against chipotle burritos. This I shall not stand for.

      -Space Sloth

    • OMEGA 8400 Caliber

      Why hasn’t anyone killed you yet?

    • You’re poor. You need a budget. I went to college. I have a good job. I can buy whatever the fuck I want.

    • explains why foreigners are hated so much, cause we have principal and get ahead. people always wonder how people get rich, but get never maintain the obedience to get there themselves. nice to see like minded individuals out there!

    • explains why foreigners are hated so much, cause we have principal and get ahead. people always wonder how people get rich, but can never maintain the obedience to get there themselves. nice to see like minded individuals out there!

    • I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re a weirdo.

    • “A touch screen phone with Internet…WOW.”

      The irony of you fandroids!!

      APPLE INVENTED the touchscreen phone. Now show me an iKnockoff that has advanced pass this…

      EVERY DAMN PHONE AFTER 2007 is an iPhoney based off Apple’s original design. Samsung/Google/Nokia/Motorola/Xiami HAVE ALL MADE “Touchscreen phones with Internet” since the iPhone.

      So until another company invents a more advanced phone design SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!

  2. clearly samsung galaxy note 4 demolishes the iphone, and at a cheaper pricetag too.

    Common sense

  3. “First off, as you can image size isn’t everything”

    “This isn’t an Apple vs iOS battle”

    Really? Did you even proof read this article?? That’s just two spots and I didn’t even read the entire thing. That said though, it’s hard to take a post seriously if you don’t even read it before posting to the masses. I have little appreciation for a post that’s intended to be informational and that can’t even take the time to re-read what they wrote in an effort to make things easier on the reader (i.g., clearer to understand, consistent, and professional).

  4. Biased article response

    Americas love of South Korea astounds me…. Did you take into account color saturation on the screen… Did you take into account the lagginess of the previous SS devices…. Did you take into account fingerprint sensor only works half the time on the SS….. Try being objective and a real review cannot be performed by spec alone… Ios is smooth… Not catered to the masses but catered to only a few devices….

    • What use is smoothness if it has limited functionality and 3 year old technology… (nexus 4 =iphone 6)

      • Can I use as SD csrd in a iphone? Nope then why waste the money? Apple sucks

        • 4K video recording, micro SD card support, high resolution screen, the pen with a wacom screen and multi-tasking is making it hard for me to go Iphone.. Plus I was disappointed that the Iphone 6 still has only 1 GB of ram, not much future proofing there.

  5. Who writes these things? The iphone’s strongest selling point is a “Newer” operating system? How about if we take into consideration that the “new” operating system sucks just as much as the last 7 versions… Iphone has NO selling point other than physically appealing hardware, great advertising, and Apple fanboys.

  6. Clearly this “comparison” is written with an Android bias. I fell for this spec comparison in the past but here is the deal…. I’m leaving Android to get the iPhone 6 Plus. I used to be the biggest Android supporter but over time, with each and every Android phone I have had reality kicks in… battery life SUX and Samsung doesnt seem too keen on improving it. Android phones deteriorate in performance over time. Compare that to the iPad mini we bought last year and its night and day. Everything works. It always runs smoothly…. and battery life is WORLDS BETTER than Android. I am a power user and expect my smartphone to handle anything I throw at it… Android has come up short one too many times. Apple products are so fine tuned and integrated that a phone with half the spec of an Android would likely run better. I am done with Android.

    • By “everything” you mean facebook, email, calculator, a flirt with “siri” (some real innovation right there (Apple also invented the color blue)) because that’s basically all you can do on an iPhone.

      • Applr invented the Smartphone.

        • No they didn’t you retard android was made years ago their first phone wasn’t made until what 2008, 1 year who cares. And with all the added abilities like widgets and NFC just being added now I would say that Apple is a knock off not Android. Number 2 your a retard by saying in a different post that Apple created the touchscreen how stupid could your be. The first touchscreen phone was the IBM Simon which came out in 1992.

    • I have an iPhone 5 currently, and while I love it to pieces (sometimes, literally) the quality of the chargers kill it for me. They are extremely expensive and do not last long at all. You can expect to pay about $20 for a cord that will last about two months. Knock off cords break within a week if you are lucky enough for them to be compatible in the first place. I thought I was being smart, buying an adapter for my cable costing about $40. The adapter was thick, and I could use cheap 30-pin chargers instead of the lighting-pin cables. $40 lasted be six months before, with no warning, totally breaking. As a student who relies on their phone for many reasons, this was difficult. Just thought I’d share my experience.

      • ♛ ♬ DAH Trump ♬ ♛

        I have an iPod Touch 5 and I don’t have a problem with my charger and I’ve had it for 2 years. Try buying 2 or more chargers and use the others as back up. Don’t bend the cords!

      • You know that your cords are warrantied right? Walk into an apple store and exchange, done. Or you can just keep throwing money away. I never break them, but my wife is rough on them and I usually do a warranty replacement every few months for her. I do it online, they mail me a new one, I mail the old one back. Zero cost.

      • I swear I’m the only person who has never had issues with a charger from Apple. I can still use the one from my original ipad with it! I’ve only ever had to replace one charger for a MBP because I kept running over it with my office chair.

    • 3200 mAh “SUX”? Not sure what Samsung device you’ve been using, but the Note 4 will definitely destroy the iPhone 6 in battery life, and basically every other hardware aspect.

      • that’s EXACTLY what he’s been using a SAMMY DEVICE. That’s why the battery life SUX.

        People who’ve never owned an iPhone reference spec sheets.

    • this is obvious an android forum so you’re going to get a lot of flames… but i feel you bro… i have been a hardcore IBM/PC apple haters for years… always ridiculing Apple until my super rich friend who about 15 years ago makes $160,000, with long beard, long hair, hairy arms, wearing shorts and sandals sitting on the curb… people thought he was a beggar and throw him pennies. he whips out this $4,000 Apple 17″ laptop and start typing over hundreds words a minute hacking into the data center of one of the world’s most secure servers… HE used to mock me for being so ignorant about Apple… he changed my ways and total respect… he said, Apple is meant for the dumbest people AND the SMARTEST people… he said, the really intelligent, people who know their shit, uses Apple… all those wannabes use the crappy non-Apple ones… and over the years, he was right… when i start to use Apple products, there is a sense of quality, sustained performance, ecosystem that just works…

      my friend, i know your pains and all the crap people throw at you. but know that my friend and me included, i make HIGH 6 figures, not low 6 figure income… and I’m here to affirm what you said is true… just because i’m rich doesn’t mean i’m wasteful… i actually care and really being honest about performance, features, and functionality… the reason other manufacture taut specs is that’s all they have… often times, it doesn’t really work well together, and the user experience, the final results are sub-par because no one really drives that product, to continually test and refine the user experience… Apple spit in the face of “specs”… in fact, apple to advertise 10mhz phone killing 10,000 mhz phone… they love shit like that because Apple is the REAL kung fu master and all the rest are wannabes.

      • Show me your favorite movie and I’ll show you which Apple computer it was made on.

        Apple users know they own the best and won’t settle for less. I used to build PCd and spend DAYS fixing them.
        I will never forget the day I bought my first Mac. It literally felt like I had stepped out of a time machine a decade into the future. I remember calling friends ecstatically explaining my new computer.
        “Everything just…Works!”
        “It boots up in 14 seconds!”
        “You have to try and see.”
        Recurring quotes explaining my first Mac.

    • I would never support a knockoff.

      to add to your post android phones deteriorate in price too.

      Wait until you try the real thing. Night and Day like you said.

    • Daniel, I have been using the note 2 since it came out and I use the hell out of it. I still have the original battery and have not rooted it. I still get 24+ hours out of the battery easily. I have a ton of friends with Apple phones who cannot say that. I am not an Apple hater, just wanted to point his out since it is not fair to claim Samsung batteries dont last long because they do after many years of use. If you prefer to overspend on a product that is always a few years behind its your money go for it.

      • Finally someone with a brain, I as well got the note 2 when it first came out and I’m using it right now to post. Well over 2 years of heavy usage and the phone hasn’t skipped a beat. I’ve dropped this phone dozens of time and not one has screen cracked, shattered or stopped functioning properly.Not to mention the s pen is an amazing feature that Apple will probably never offer. It’s funny that this phone is 2 models old and still puts Apple’s latest and greatest to shame. So if everyone must pay twice the price for half the product, Apple sheep go right ahead.

  7. LOL.. your one of the sheeple that judges everything my paper specs! The iphone has never been the best paper spec wise, but has always been the best phone! Apple is in a league of it’s own. Period.

  8. The real battle begins in 2015, when Android phones switch over to the 64-bit Snapdragon 810, while both Android L and iOS 8 mature.

    It’s going to be very interesting, to say the least.

    Samsung’s Touchwiz is still annoying, I prefer HTC’s skin. Samsung was never good at software, it is primarily a hardware parts manufacturer (memory chips and AMOLED screens).

  9. I use two phones and it’s time to upgrade I know my daily driver will always be the Note Series I’m getting the Samsung Note edge. I was going to try the IPhone 6 plus for my second phone until I seen the plus is $400 for 64gb with no expandable storage and $500 for 128gb. I can afford the phone but why waste money when I can just buy a different phone and add more storage for less. The extra money can go to more important things I’m try to figure out what phone to get for my second one. Maybe I’ll get both Samsung phones or something I need to find a second phone for work.

    • Sounds like you’ve never owned an iPhone.

      Android users remind me of those people who are afraid to drive on freeways so they make up excuses why it sucks…

  10. No mention of the S pen. Everybody wants to make big phones these days, but the Note is more than a big phone. It has true split screen multitasking. The ability to create charts (pie, line, and bar.) Ability to create custom thank you cards, birthday invites, baby memory albums and much more. So the IPHONE is bigger who cares. The Note is a much better productivity tool than the IPhone. Not to mention expandable storage and the removable battery.

    • Timothy G Vilgiate

      I love my MacBook Pro and my iPad, but I will not give up my Samsung. I can’t understand buying a phone you can’t get the battery out or add more memory to. I also don’t understand the metal vs. plastic thing. Plastic is fine if its done right, I drive a Corvette and not body says but it’s made of PLASTIC who wants that.

  11. This article has so many wrong facts about each phone its unreal. This person should have done better research.

  12. Still no removable storage on the IPhone……Garbage.

  13. Any concern about the 5.5″ iphone being HUGE compared to the 5.7″ Note. Unacceptable in 2014.

  14. Samsung on IOS please

    Both phones have some advantages and some disadvantages. I used both IOS and android. I have an ipod touch with 100 plus apps and games but still the device is butter smooth. Never experienced any lag or force restart. Half of the android specs are enough for apple to run it’s devices smoothly. Having said that iPhone has many limitations which we cannot even imagine in this modren era. No bluethooth, no easy file sharing, cannot dowload mp3 on the fly, no fm radio, no memory slot, non removable battery and premium price tag. Above all iPhone by itself is not a great productive smartphone device without external apps. Look at note 3 or 4. Even if you don’t have any external apps the device by itself is very productive and powerful. The multiwindow split screen and s pen features simply blow off any other device. I use note 10.1 tablet and the s pen features are superb. It covers all the disadvantages iphone has. But apart from high end adroid phones with killer specs, others are mere waste. They lag, stutter, and every now and then get stuck requiring a force restart. If the android device is an year old then you will see the phone becoming dead slow. We have to blame android for poor RAM management and performance deterioration. On top of this the Touch Wiz UI of samsung adds more weight and heaviness to the already lagging device. So I think samsung has to design it’s own OS to become an unbeatable leader in smartphones. And I phone has to be more productive and feature flexible to take the top position on the leadership board. Finally what I to say is I am a IOS and samsung lover but Android and Apple hater.

  15. The perfect way to explain the iphone and android is the tortes and the hare…. Android is the hare iphone is the tortes… Slow and steady win the race

    • hareisalwaysfaster

      yes android is hare, and unfortunately, it’s not going to take a nap to let tortes catch up, as there is too many other hares pushing each other to go faster and faster. meanwhile, tortes is moving slower and slower falling behind android, but there is nothing to prod it to go faster… That’s what happened to PC vs Mac race 30 years ago. Iphone will go into single digits worldwide market share just like mac

  16. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is way better than the iphone 6 Plus.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Advantages over the iphone 6 Plus:


    – You can use this phone as a notebook to write notes
    – Work like a mouse on your smartphone
    – Provides high precision when viewing websites on Desktop Mode

    Build Quality

    – Same build quality (both are build on metal)
    – Better Screen Scratch Resistance (2.5D Glass Screen)


    – 4 % larger screen at the same phone size (5.7 in vs 5.5 in)
    – Higher screen Resolution (2560×1440 vs 1920×1080)
    – Higher PPI 28% (515 ppi vs 401 ppi)
    – Higher screen contrast and great visibility outside on Sun Light


    – Larger Battery and better battery life
    – Removable Battery
    – Multiples levels of Power Saving Modes


    – Better Camera (16 Mega Pixels with Image Stabilization vs 8 Mega Pixels with Image Stabilization)
    – Faster phone auto-focus due to a phase detection
    – 4K Video Recording
    – Better front facing camera (3.7 Mega Pixels capable of 1080p vs 1.2 Mega Pixels no 1080p)


    – 32 GB built-in storage + MicroSD Slot Expandable to 128 GB


    – UV Sensor
    – Heart Rate Monitor

    Other Advantages

    – Better multitasking because of Multi-Windows and with 300% MORE RAM (3 GB RAM vs 1 GB RAM)
    – MHL 3.0 (Mobile Standard that support 4K Ultra HD Video/Audio output while charging)
    – Notification Light
    – IR Blaster (Works as TV or Any electronic Remote Control)
    – Support Wireless Charging

    It doesn’t take a GENIUS to NOTE the difference, just common sense!

  17. After paying alot of money we get product of 2012 (that’s apple) less money and very powerful device of 2014.Stop wasting hard earned money by making company rich and getting nothing.well I use nokia Lumia 520

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