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The Moga Rebel game controller for iPhone and iPad

The Moga Rebel: Your iPhone game controller

Moga Rebel, the new premium game controller designed for iPhone and other Apple devices received a comprehensive review, courtesy of Techradar experts. As the Moga Pro was released over a year ago exclusively for Android operated devices, Apple’s iOS did not get the chance to enjoy a fully-sized dedicated gaming controller, until now. The Moga Rebel game controller is a licensed MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) product, adding to the long list of premium hardware peripherals exclusively created for Apple devices, also known as iDevices. This gaming controller was built with one special purpose: to expand the user’s mobile gaming experience. The company’s first shot at an MFI device happened with first release, the Moga Ace controller, which was not a total crowd pleaser.

As mobile gaming enthusiasts were asking for more, Moga decided to give it to them, and went with the Rebel – a $79 controller which may be viewed as pretty steep from an average user’s standpoint, but techradar says that “if you’re looking to take your on-the-go gaming to the next level, the Rebel won’t let you down.” So what does it offer?

Design wise:

  • an Xbox One style controller with a refined black finish
  • Smooth and comfortable joysticks (no L3 or R3 buttons however, as they are not supported on iOS)
  • Fitted with a 3.5 inch plastic clamp to hold your iPhone (the iPhone 6 as well)
  • Light and durable build

Support wise:

  • Designed to support any device with lightning connector. This includes all iPhone 5 models, the iPad4, iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina Display, iPad Air, and iPod touch.
  • Currently not all games in the App store are supported, but a dedicated iOS app should be launched by the time of the release

Techradar‘s final take on this premium controller is that “The Moga Rebel is easily the best full-sized MFi controller we’ve seen. With a decent build quality, solid battery life, and convenient phone clip, this controller is a solid investment. However, at basically $80, the Rebel is just that, an investment.” The Moga Rebel gaming controller will require iOS 7 or higher, and is now available for pre-order on the company’s official website.

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