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HTC One M8
HTC One M8

HTC says something remarkable is coming

I hope you guys have already market October 8 in your calendar, because that’s the date of the mysterious Double Exposure event organized by HTC. The event has been rumored to show off a new selfie-phone, a GoPro-like camera setup and maybe the Nexus 9. The latter is a bit unlikely, since rumors say the Nexus 9 launch will have its own event with Google on October 16.

HTC has released a new teaser for the Double Exposure event which doesn’t tell us much about what HTC is going to be debuting, but it does reinforce that “something remarkable is coming”. In the teaser, we can see various activities filmed in first person underwater, from a bicycle and from the middle of the table. The teaser suggests that a GoPro like camera accessory for HTC might be in the works, maybe similar to the Sony ILCE-QX1 camera mount or even to the Panasonic Lumix CM1.

The new photography and video centered device from HTC will probably be called the Eye, but there hasn’t been any word from HTC on model name or number. On the other hand, we might even see an HTC One M8 variation that would be called the HTC One M8 Eye and if the device actually exists, it will probably bring an upgraded camera seeing as many were left craving for more after experiencing the camera on the HTC One M8.

Rumors say the mysterious Eye device will be a mountable camera that can connect to your HTC or other phone and features wide angle lenses and 16 MP sensor. There still is uncertainty regarding the HTC Double Exposure event because people are wondering whether the new Eye device will be a standalone camera mount or just another camera-centered device. A selfie phone from HTC has been previously teased, so it’s more than likely that both the Eye and a selfie phone will be introduced at the event, which would seem logical since the event is called Double Exposure.

If HTC releases a new selfie phone, it will go against pretty strong competitors in the form of the Oppo N1 and the upcoming Oppo N3, Lumia 930, Galaxy Grand Prime, Sony Xperia C3 and Lumia 730. The selfie phone trend is becoming more and more popular and it seems like HTC wants to get on the wagon as early as possible. The HTC Double Exposure event is scheduled for October 8, so brace yourselves, because something remarkable is coming. As per HTC.


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