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New NBA 2K15 trailer reveals MyPARK multiplayer features

2K Games announced the new features that will be present in NBA 2K15’s MyPARK online mode, through a trailer. MyPARK, introduced in last year’s instalment of the franchise, features new courts, new communities and new player upgrades.

Players can choose to join one out of three communities present in MyPARK. The Old Town Flyers grants you a boost on the Playmaking and Defender attributes. The Rivet City Rough Riders relate to physical play, and it’s an aggresive and relentless community, which will boost your Athelete and Rebounder skills. Last, but not least, the Sunset Beach Ballers are ruthless and precise and increase your Outside and Inside Shooter attributes.

In the upgraded MyPARK version, players will either be able to play streetball on outside courts or go to the Jordan Rec Center. This is a brand new court, where you can play 5v5 competitive games, with four quarters, NBA rules and officials. It goes like this: you keep winning and you stay on this court. Once you lose a match, you are thrown out. Winner takes it all. At the end of the trailer, 2K teased another court that will appear in MyPARK, called “The Stage”. All we know about it so far is that it’s situated on a rooftop and that players should go there “when they’re ready to put it all on the line”.

NBA 2K15 will be released on October 7 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It has a clear advantage over its rival, EA’s “NBA Live 2015”, which comes out on October 28, only on the next-gen consoles. We previously announced you that Electronic Arts decided to postpone their game, since it was coming at the same date as NBA 2K15. What remains to be seen is whether the postponing happened because they wanted to buy more time and give players a better experience or because they were afraid to get out at the same time as the competition.

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