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Fable Legends beta applications are now open

Lionhead Studios announced that the beta applications for their upcoming Xbox One exclusive Fable Legends are now open. Players can sign-up for the tests as we speak, on the game’s official website. The Fable Legends multiplayer beta begins on October 16, 2014, so you should probably hurry up if you want to apply.

It goes without saying that you need an Xbox Live account linked to your application. Lionhead didn’t reveal how many users they need for the Beta test or what criteria they will use for the selection, so applying doesn’t also ensure entry. Lionhead states that players who will be chosen for the Beta will be able to test the game as early in development process as possible. Besides identifying bugs, glitches and crashes, the developer also expects beta testers to come up with ideas, feedback and suggestions that will allow them to improve the game.

On October 16th, only a few of those who apply for the beta will be selected to participate and will be able to play a small part of Fable Legends, so they could provide detailed feedback on those respective areas of the game. In the coming months, Lionhead will release more content for the tests, and therefore they will need more people to help. Long story short, the developer intends to invite Beta testers in waves. So, if you’re not in the first batch of people who get to play, you might be in the second one or in the third one. This way, different players focus on different areas of the game in order to identify its problems more effectively.

Fable Legends is an upcoming cooperative RPG game, developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft exclusively on Xbox One. The game is tied to the “Fable” series, yet its focus is mostly on cooperative play. Fable Legend is set before the story from the previous instalments and involves five players: four heroes and a villain. You can play this game alone if you feel like it, and the other characters will be replaced by AI. However, Fable Legends is designed based on the idea that those who play it will make use of the co-op feature and have up to four more friends join them. While playing as the heroes is nothing new in video games, being the villain and trying to stop your friends from achieving their goal is not something you see everyday. In Fable Legends, the player who takes the role of the villain is able to select where to spawn enemies, how aggressive enemies should be, when the boss should show up, or even set traps and separate heroes from each other. It remains to be seen how these features will be implemented in the game once it comes out. So far, Lionhead didn’t reveal an official release date.

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