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OnePlus One will be available for pre-order again next month

The OnePlus One was finally made available for pre-order earlier this week, although the whole thing only lasted for a few hours. Needless to say, a lot of people didn’t manage to reserve one of the handsets due to the high number of requests that was literally making the servers crash. As such, manufacturer OnePlus will be opening the flood gates once again on November 17 in the hopes that this time all those interested will be able to pre-order a OnePlus One. The company also says that they are working on improving the servers in the meantime for a much smoother experience than the last one.

A few more weeks should also allow them to replenish their stock as literally tens of thousands of OnePlus One smartphones were sold in the first round of pre-orders. The first pre-order only lasted for three hours so you can imagine just how sought after the device is given that it managed to sell so many units in such a short amount of time. We don’t don’t much the upcoming round will last, but we imagine that similar to the first one, it will not end up being more than a few hours. As for the people who somehow managed to pre-order a OnePlus One the first time, they can rest assured knowing that their device has already been ship and should arrive shortly.

We’re still waiting for the day when the OnePlus One will be freely available to purchase without all the hassle, but until then we’ll have to take what we can get. OnePlus is still a rather small company which is why they can’t satisfy the high demand for the smartphone, thus the whole invites system and the limited pre-orders. Even so, the company is already working on the OnePlus 2 and is prepared to launch it sometime during Q2 or Q3 2015. Let’s just hope that the company can find a way to manufacture the OnePlus One more quickly before its successor arrives.

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