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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will “suit your needs” according to Samsung VP

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still relatively new on the market but as it’s often the case in the world of smartphones, Samsung is already drawing plans for its successor, the Galaxy Note 5. Tae Moon Roh, executive vice president for product strategy and innovation R&D briefly spoke about the upcoming device in a recent interview, although he understandably couldn’t reveal any major details. However, he did say that we can expect even more innovative features and that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will “suit your needs”. It seems that innovation is the name of the game for Samsung right now and the VP says that we can already “sense” some of the innovations in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

In regards to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Tae Moon Roh told CNET that “in planning and developing smartphones, the key should be on humans, people. It should be human-oriented. The process was that whatever innovation comes along, it should be able to support people. I cannot give you the details now, but for next year we’re prepared for more functions and innovations to come along. You may have sensed some of them in the Note 4. These innovations will be strengthened and solidified for next year as well.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the VP talks about the Galaxy Note line as a whole and how it could have ended up being very different. Particularly, Roh says that Samsung had a bit of trouble finding a good place to store the Stylus Pen inside the phablet. The company had quite a heated debate regarding this aspect and they were even considering to attach the pen magnetically to the device at one point. Other mentioned ideas include making an S Pen the size of a toothpick and attaching it to the cover rather than the device. Needless to say, the Galaxy Note 4 wouldn’t have been quite different now if the company would have chose any of the other designs in the beginning. It’s pretty safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will also come equipped with the S Pen we’re all familiar today – not too small, not too big, and found inside of the device.

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