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iPhone 6
iPhone 6 users report misaligned selfie camera

iPhone 6 users report misaligned selfie camera

Apple’s iPhone 6 has certainly been one of the most problematic smartphones in the company’s portfolio, as several widely spread issues creeped in post launch to reap a lot of frustration among the ranks of devoted iPhone users. The iPhone 6 Plus launched shortly after in an attempt to right the wrongs of its predecessor, but unfortunately this was not the case. Apple’s first phablet managed to do nothing but add more fuel to the fire with the well-known ‘bendgate’ shebang and numerous iOS crashes reported by an extensive number of iPhone 6 Plus users. The crashes in question were more frequent on the 128GB model when a large number of apps were installed. The cause for this was later identified as the multi level cell storage the iPhone 6 Plus utilizes.

Like these issues were not causing enough headaches, the iPhone 6 is now affected by a new major problem. Namely, a misaligned selfie camera reported by a number of users which claim that the iPhone 6’s front-facing camera loses alignment with its housing. One report reads, “My iPhone 6’s front facing camera is misaligned. There is a crescent visible on the right side of the hole. This also happened to my friend’s phone and a replacement model the Apple Store gave him. I’m wondering if others are seeing this issue.” It seems that this issue has been confirmed by many other iPhone 6 users. The source of the problem has not yet been identified, and Apple is currently unaware of it. Seemingly, the performance of the selfie camera is not affected by this misalignment. Take a look at the images below and see for yourself:

Misaligned-selfie-camera-on-iPhone-6-635x473 Misaligned-selfie-camera-on-iPhone-63-635x357

Most likely, the iPhone 6 users affected by this issue are looking at a front panel or camera unit replacement. Apple is expected to take action here and offer a plausible explanation for this along with a proper solution.

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