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Xbox One Receiving an Energy Saving Update

To Xbox One users near and afar, know that your beloved console is never off.  You are adding to your electricity bill by not unplugging your console.  But fear not, there is a new update on the way.  Microsoft intends on giving Xbox users the option of “Energy Saving” or “Instant On.”  However, will it be as effective as they advertised?

It was recently published by the Natural Resources Defense Council that the next-gen consoles were wasting a lot of energy.  To put it in perspective, annual electricity bills were totaling $1 billion nation wide.  Need more?  The Xbox One and PS4 wasted twice the amount of energy compared to their predecessors: the Xbox 360 and PS3.  Still not satisfied? Other findings pointed out that when using the Xbox One “TV Viewing” option, you intentionally increase your electrical output by  72 watts.  Last one, I promise.  The Xbox One utilizes more energy when it is not in use.  So those long nights where you leave it alone, you’re financially hurting yourself.

First off, wow.  Who knew that this next-gen console would add onto the bills?  It’s surprising that such a small box would be the complete opposite of energy efficient.  The last thing gamers should expect is that their console is sucking away their fun.  The fact that Microsoft is now addressing this?  It’s great that they address the issue, but it leaves them open them to environmental critics.

Game Spresso notes that Microsoft’s two options are vague.  For “Energy Saving” it’s described as “Slower start-up time” and “Get interrupted for updates.”  For “Instant On,” it’s described as “Faster start up time,” and “Get updates automatically.”  They believe the options are vague, and aren’t informing users of the consequences.  Make sense, last thing gamers need to see is that their fun will end up costing them.

It seems that our quest for the ultimate console has cost us.  Our high quality entertainment comes at the price of paying a little more on our electricity bills.  Microsoft’s idea of making the Xbox One energy efficient is a small step in the right direction.  However, it seems like Microsoft waited a little less than two years to finally address the issue.  Either they knew about it, or were waiting for someone to call them out on it.  Definitely be on the look out Xbox users, more energy efficient updates should be coming our way.


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  1. PS3 was never off, there was no off button so nothing new there.

    “Microsoft intends on giving Xbox users the option of “Energy Saving” or “Instant On.”
    That option has been on the Xbox One in Europe etc since day one, is this some sort of option they previously didn’t add in the USA or something ?.

  2. The “Energy Saving” or “Instant On” options are not new at all. I’ve had mine on energy saving since I got it. How could people not realize that their consoles were on continuously when they could simply walk up to it and say “Xbox On.”

    I find it completely ridiculous that the story that there was not an energy saving option or that it was buried deep in menusis being perpetuated .

    A better story would be a report on the difference in the energy usages between the two.

    • I don’t think he is saying they are new. The article basically says even with these options are still running the electric bill higher. Furthermore, the story is about an energy saving option..its on the way!!

    • Truthfully, I never knew about these options that you mentioned. Nor did I realize how much energy was being used. I’m happy to hear that Microsoft is finding a way to really save energy and that this article opened my eyes to a reality that I wasn’t aware of. Either way, a great article.


    I think it is vehemently cordial of microsoft to reduce the amount of money we are spending on our xbox one


    forget what i said because jenny is freaking correct there is already a freaking setting for that

  5. Charles - The Great and Powerf

    Please get your facts straight. Bad article. Stop attacking XBox for giving users great functionality.

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