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Microsoft Hololens Minecraft

Hololens demoed at E3 with Minecraft

Showing off their most recent acquisitions and cross platform support between Windows 10 devices, Microsoft rolled out Minecraft and Hololens at the same time at E3. With the help of what is basically a Hololens unit mounted to a camera, the audience was given a peek at what it might look like to play a special version of Minecraft, developed specifically for Hololens, on almost any surface they want, whether it be a wall or table.

With the Hololens version of Minecraft, a hologram is projected onto a given surface, and the Hololens user is given a birds eye view of the Minecraft world. By pinching the hologram, they can move around the map, or they can simply direct their point of view at a specific player with voice commands. Rather than merely change how you see Minecraft though, Hololens is promised to change the way you play it as well.

With it, you can lift up the world, and see things that are underneath the surface that you would normally have to dig to. Voice controls will also allow you to set a beacon for other players in the game, regardless of if they are on a tablet or any other compatible device, as well as directly modify the game world. Thanks to the voice commands, console commands are made available to the Hololens user, letting you direct lightning strikes wherever you want to set off TNT or make zombie pigmen from pigs.

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