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Instagram aims for the top with Instagram for PC

Instagram became more popular with its Instagram for PC app, meanwhile competing with Facebook, whose popularity is declining due to people getting bored of it, as well as some questionable management decisions in recent weeks. This is just the usual disease that affects all companies as they lose their ability to sustain interest in time. With the current rise of Instagram, Facebook could fear meeting a similar fate to MySpace, an internet giant that hasn’t been able to keep its users entertained for a long time and lost its popularity.

In a recent study made by a group of analysts, Facebook has many reasons to be worry about. This study states that Instagram could actually overtake its parent company in terms of popularity, after being bought by Facebook for $ 1 billion. Starting out as an app in the Apple Store, Instagram is now available on almost every platform. The free Instagram has been taken to another level due to the presence of cool effects, which are matched by few apps. Its special effects and filters for enhancing pictures are a big part of its popularity, so naturally a lot of people want to use it on their PC in addition to their phones, thus creating demand for an Instagram PC version.

Instagram can be easily accessed on every PC and there are more ways to do so:

1. Instagrille

All you have to do is visit Pokki and download the Instagrille Installer, then run it and a Pokki window will appear. Click next on it to start the Pixsta installer.  After the installing finishes you will find two icons on your taskbar – one of Pokki and other of Instagrille. Click on Instagrille for the first time, run it and then click on the user profile icon located in the top right corner. A login window for Instagram will appear where you must type your Instagram ID and password. You have now installed Instagram on your PC.

2. Webstagram

Visit Webstagram and Login using your user ID and password, if you are already logged in then the application will ask for authorization, so just click Authorize and that’s it, you’re free to use Instagram on your PC.


Visit Webbygram and log in with your user ID and password. Accessing the site will allow you to use Instagram on your PC.

4. Bluestacks

You have to install the Bluestacks software for your Windows. After this, download the Instagram app for Android and double click the .apk file, this will auto install itself on Bluestacks. Open Bluestack library and launch the Instagram app. Login using your Instagram user ID and password. If you don’t have an account then you can sign up through the Instagram app. In the Bluestack platform, users get a chance to sign up unlike other three platforms.

5. The Instagram Website

You can also access Instagram for PC via the web by visiting your Instagram web profile. All you have to do is type in the following address into your browser: www.instagram.com/username. If your profile is private, then it will show that the account is private, otherwise it will show your uploaded photos. Just log in with your Instagram account and you can even check out if a user is a private user or not by visiting their Instagram web address. You can browse your Instagram pictures and even comment or delete comment on your Instagram photos.



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