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WildStar: “The Strain” content patch coming soon

Carbine announced earlier this year that WildStar will benefit from a whole bunch of post-launch content. It seems the company isn’t all words and no action because the first content patch is just around the corner. The devs teased The Strain by saying that “something is waiting”, “something…beyond science.” This ominous message is accompanied by a creepy looking eyeball on the official website. This doesn’t exactly give us a lot of details about the upcoming content drop, but luckily Carbine have provided a bit more info. Details regarding the patch will not come all at once and there is a schedule telling us when and what to expect.

The website says that a “flick” will be revealed tomorrow, June 18th. This is most likely a trailer, which will show us what the “beyond science” message is all about. Then, on the 24th two new locations that go by the names of Blighthaven and Northern Wastes will be presented. Next, on the 26th we get to see some new housing plugs and new cusomization options for costumes, dyes, emotes, hoverboards, and mounts. This is followed by a Devspeak that will take place on the 30th, and we can expect to see the full patch notes for the new WildStar content drop on patch day. Carbine hasn’t mentioned when The Strain will be arriving yet, but judging by the schedule we shouldn’t expect to see it before next month. In related news, WildStar received a new update today aimed at fixing the War of the Wilds adventure. You can read about the changes below.

  • Shortened up the timing of strategy objective population.
  • The “Don’t Die” strategy objective will now automatically complete and grant credit if the Giant Moodie Totem is destroyed while it is active.
  • Strategy objectives that require players to kill champions still require at least one player tagger, but no longer require a player to score the killing blow.
  • The strategy objective that requires players to kill a boss has had its timer lengthened and will no longer populate as the second strategy objective.
  • Players will no longer receive a strategy objective requiring them to take control points as a second strategy objective.
  • The strategy objective that requires players to kill moodies no longer require players to score the killing blow.

It’s nice to see that Carbine are keeping their promise and have already begun fixing the game, as well as adding new content to it. WildStar is one of the most promising MMORPG’s we’ve seen in a long time so let’s hope they can keep this up. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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