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Valve releases update for Steam

Valve has released an update to the Steam client. The update fixes a number of issues with the client while also adding support for virtual reality on both Linux and Mac. Other changes include:

  • Fixed in game overlay sometimes not activating on first hot key press after game launch
  • Fix a rare crash during login inside of Big Picture if Steam is set to start up in Big Picture mode
  • Fixed installing games with very large files from retail disc.
  • Fix a rare crash during login inside Big Picture if Steam is set to start in Big Picture mode
  • Desktop shortcuts will stream games if they are currently available for streaming
  • Fixed the menu bar showing on the client on Mac OS X 10.6
  • You can toggle windowed mode on the client with Alt-Enter and resize the streaming window

Steam recently revealed that they had broken a record for concurrent users, with 8 million players online at the same time.  The previous records stood at around the 7 million mark. This may have had something to day with the Steam Summer Sale that is currently taking place. The sales have proved to be incredibly popular with PC gamers as titles are often offered at huge discounts, leading to large numbers of users getting online to take advantage of the deals.

The service also recently made full text adventure games to be sold on the platform. While they had previously allowed text-based titles on their store they had never featured any titles that are completely text-based, featuring no graphics whatsoever. The Heroes Rise duology was the first text games to appear, though developer hopes to add more of their library if they perform well.

Valve is also set to have a busy year in 2015 with the release of their Steam Machines. The pre-built gaming computers, which are being manufactured by a variety of companies, will run the Linux based SteamOS operating system. The machines allow users to stream games and Valve will be releasing a dedicated Steam controller that has been developed specially to work with games that usually only work with a keyboard and mouse.

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