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iPhone 6 listed on Amazon Japan with release date, price, display size

Amazon is infamous for listing products well before their release dates are confirmed and in some case, even before the products themselves have been announced. This was the case with Mass Effect 4, a highly anticipated video game that wasn’t yet announced by developer Bioware. Now we also see the iPhone 6 making a surprise appearance on Amazon Japan even though Apple has kept quite regarding their upcoming flagship until now. The general belief is that the smartphone will come in two variants, a 4.7-inch one aimed at regular consumers, and a bigger 5.5-inch handset that’s said to target the premium markets. The retailer only lists the 4.7-inch variant at the time of this writing. Below you can see a Google translated screenshot I took of the original listing. For the untranslated one go here.


As you can see for yourselves Amazon Japan confirms that the iPhone 6 will feature a 4.7-inch display. The listing also reveals that the device will be running on the iOS 8 operating system and that it will come equipped with 64GB internal storage memory, on the gold option at least. But much more interesting is the price tag. At the current conversion rate 139.999 Japanese Yen is the equivalent of about $1.380 US dollars. We’re not sure why the retailer opted to list this price, but it’s highly doubtful that the iPhone 6 will end up costing that much, especially since this is only the 4.7-inch version.

We also have to take note that Amazon Japan claims they will have the iPhone 6 in stock starting with September 30th, which coincides with many rumors regarding its release date. Most sources suggest that the device will be announced sometime during mid September, either on the 15th or on the 19th, and it will be made available for purchase towards the end of the month. Last but not least, this listing also claims that Apple’s upcoming flagship will measure 13 x 6.5 x 0.7 cm and weigh 113 g. The image Amazon posted is obviously just a mock-up, although according to many renderings the iPhone 6 is indeed believed to feature a very similar design.

So why is Amazon listing popular products without having much knowledge about them, just like they also did with Mass Effect 4? I really can’t figure out what the retailer giant gets from listing products well before any official announcements have been made. One thing is for sure though, if the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 already made an appearance, the 5.5-inch variant will surely follow soon enough as well.

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  1. With the new iPhone 6 coming out I better sell my old iPhone before the value of it drops. I usually search 8-13 different sites to find the best offer, but I just found this company that compares all the buyback companies in one spot, it’s called RecomHub.

    It’s like Kayak but for electronic devices that show you all the offers in one spot.

    • I use ebay, i get paid a fair price. None of that $200 for flawless iphone bullcrap that gazelle and apple like to pull.

    • eBay is better. I have always sold my phone over $200 and that covers the “price” of the iPhone when I bought it at apple under AT&T contract.

      Then wait 2 weeks and ask the cellphone company to waive the contract renewal fee.

  2. I wonder what Apple has to say about this

    • They probably wont say anything, not publicly at least. They probably even enjoy all the hype that’s going on at the moment.

  3. Well, that mean it is released around September month as the date written here is 30th
    September. It s already confirmed that the screen of new iPhone 6 will be made
    up of Sapphire glass, unlike iPhone 5S that used Gorilla glass screen. Along
    with this it will support higher resolution and might compatible with wireless
    charger that means I can use the same charger that I currently used to charge
    my phone 5S and purchased from Amazon www .amazon.com/dp/B00EB45UYM

  4. Looking at the screenshot, it is a third-party supplier advertising the product on Amazon, not Amazon themselves. Pay attention, people.

  5. More of the same iCrap. It will sell millions as usual, but where’s the innovation? Apple needs a second Steve Jobs, not that clown.

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