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CES 2015 will feature a new Kodak Android smartphone
CES 2015 will feature a new Kodak Android smartphone

Kodak Android smartphone to be demoed at CES 2015

A new Kodak Android smartphone will reportedly host a show at CES 2015 in January, even though we never would have thought it possible. Regardless of our skepticism, it seems that the Kodak Android smartphone is actually real, and it will be introduced at the Kodak booth at CES 2015. Kodak is partnering up with Bullit Group, the English company behind the Caterpillar phones in order to make the Kodak Android smartphone a reality.

The Kodak Android smartphone will be manufactured by Bullit Group, and according to Kodak’s press release, the mobile device will feature a stylish design and will center around the camera hardware and software. The main idea behind the smartphone is that Kodak wants to give users a smartphone that is easy to use and centers around manipulating, printing and sharing photos online. While we don’t know anything about the specs of the Kodak Android smartphone, save for the fact that it runs on Android, the company did reveal that the handset will feature software solutions to make photography easier and more fun. At the same time, a software suite will be provided that will allow for remote access to the photo editing and manipulating apps, as well as the entire phone, in case the user needs help from someone more experienced with mobile technology.

The Kodak Android smartphone kind of aims to compete with Microsoft Lumia smartphones like the Icon and the upcoming Lumia 1030 aka McLaren, focusing on photography and image management. The company also revealed that they would be announcing more devices next year, including a 4G smartphone, some tablets and a connected camera. These products should be announced in the second half of 2015, but we might find out more about them at the Kodak Android smartphone launch at CES 2015. The new line will be called the KODAK Mobile Device range and we’re very curious to see what’s this all about stylish design, easy to use UI and remote management tools.

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