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Best privacy apps for Android with end to end encryption

Best privacy apps for Android: end to end encryption for free

5. Surespot encrypted messenger

This is a new one, and it’s not as popular as other secure messaging apps, but it’s definitely an option for those who are not enchanted by our previous suggestions. Surespot uses end to end encryption with symmetric-key encryption, which means messaging is easy, simple and secure. The only ones who can read your texts are you and the recipient, so they’re not stored on Surespot servers either. Surespot also encrypts pictures, not only texts, so you can send nudes without having to look over your shoulder every day after. Much like Wiper, you can delete the messages from your phone and the recipient’s phone for some added security. The added feature that the app can be proud of its voice messages, so you can send recorded messages without having to worry about them being intercepted. As all of the apps on this list, Surespot is free in the Google Play Store.

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