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Best privacy apps for Android with end to end encryption

Best privacy apps for Android: end to end encryption for free

8. ObscuraCam

This one is for those who use their cameras, which is everybody. ObscuraCam is a photo and video app, which aims to protect the identity of people showing up in the photos and videos you take. It’s a pretty neat scrambling and editing app with which you can easily blur out faces you don’t want to be detected by apps you will be uploading the photo or video to. There are a lot of features within the app that you can play with, although it doesn’t offer end to end encryption for transfers. But it has sharing functions and it can remove any location data from the photos and videos that you take, so you’re on the safe side. It’s a neat app, although I don’t know how many would use it. There are fun ways in which you can blur out faces, such as the ever-funny nose and mustache, which could be a funny way of sharing photos to Facebook. In any case, it’s free and it might end up being useful one day.


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