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Dying Light
Dying Light accumulated over a million unique players within the first five days of its launch, and is the fastest-selling IP of its kind.

Dying Light is January’s Best-selling Game in the US

Dying Light has become the number one best-selling game for January 2015 in the United States, the game’s developer, Techland, has announced in a press release published today. Over one million gamers have been logged playing the game since it launched, and the studio promises that it’ll continue to support Dying Light with a series free content. The game will also release in retail stores across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia on Friday, February 27th.

Even though Dying Light was only launched towards the tail-end of January, its first five days of release saw to over 1.2 million unique gamers playing Techland’s new zombie game, according to the developer’s server data, the press release claims. During the time between the game’s launch and today, Dying Light has shot up to become January 2015’s number one best-selling game in the United States. Incidentally, according to the press release, Dying Light has also set a new record as “the fastest-selling new IP in the survival horror genre.”

Techland’s official statement on the matter expresses that the studio is “extremely humbled and motivated” by the fact that so many players have adopted and played Dying Light. Techland is especially surprised that its game managed to get this far in only a short period of time when given the fact that it’s only currently available in retail stores in the United States (although digital copies of the game are available in both North America and Europe). Dying Light’s game director, Adrian Ciszewski, wrapped up Techland’s statement with the promise of further content being provided to the game: “We’re working hard to deliver more exciting content for Dying Light, including a special Hard Mode, so we can keep our fans entertained for a very long time,” he said in the press release. These additional content updates will be available for absolutely free. The developer has also opened up a discussion board on its own official forums to enable Dying Light players to offer suggestions for the game’s upcoming modding tools.

Techland was recently criticized for possibly removing mod support for Dying Light when a DMCA takedown was ordered around the same time as the game’s v1.2.1 update was released. The game’s update reportedly prevented Dying Light from accessing internal files that may have been changed or overridden, which is said to have effectively disabled the use of mods for the game. The DMCA notice itself was for a mod that would disable Dying Light’s film grain filter, which resulted in said mod being taken down from file sharing websites due to a anti-piracy claim from the ESA.

Following the incident, however, Techland made a statement that explained that the restrictions brought on by the 1.2.1 patch were not intentional, and that the developer was working a on a “quick patch” to restore mod support. As it turned out, the anti-piracy claim from the ESA was also an error as well. According to the company, the claim against Dying Light’s film grain mod was issued by a third-party vendor. Techland’s community manager, Michal Napora, later announced that the developer would be releasing its own dedicated modding tools for Dying Light. Although it’s currently unknown when the mod tools will be rolled out, a tweet from the official Dying Light Twitter account implies that they may be published “next week.” Additionally, the developer has released a video that shows off hints and tips on how to play as the Night Hunter, a player-controlled zombie that can invade other player’s games at night.

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