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Mass Effect 4: Trailer rumored to be coming soon

While we wont get to play Mass Effect 4 any time soon, at least we’ll be able to see how it looks. A trailer for the game has been ready for some time now if we are to believe a recent rumor. This is not exactly surprising given that the title has been in development for a while and the latest reports suggest that it’s half-way done already. Still, up to this point we haven’t heard much about the next installation in the space-faring trilogy. Bioware has done a very good job at keeping the game under wraps, but that’s about to change soon. The word on the street is that the company will finally reveal more about the game at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. This has been rumored for some time, but now we have some confirmation as well…kinda.

Notorious leaker and industry insider @shinobi602 recently stated that although Bioware is focusing on Dragon Age: Inquisition at the moment, Mass Effect 4 has not been forgotten. When asked if the game will be present at E3 2014, Shinobi said that it “Might be.” However, there should be no doubt that it will be given that E3 is the biggest gaming event of the year. And there is certainly no better place to reveal a trailer than at the Los Angeles expo. The leaker also seems to know a bit about the latest Mass Effect’s platform availability. “People are thinking ME: Contact’s exclusive to Xbox One? lol,” Shinobi said. It was all but confirmed by Bioware earlier this year that the game will make its way to current, as well as next-gen consoles. And the PC too, of course.

While the insider is generally considered to be a reliable source of information, it’s very strange that he calls the game Mass Effect Contact. This name was rumored for some time now, but Studio Director for Bioware Montreal Yanick Roy claims that “the next Mass Effect doesn’t have a name yet, just a working title that we have used since day 1 of the project.” He didn’t disclose any further information so we can only speculate if whether or not Contact is the working title. In any case, a trailer for the game will be like a breath of fresh air for many fans of the series, myself included. We’ve all been waiting for more details on ME4 for what seems like an eternity so let’s hope Bioware delivers them at E3 2014.

The expo takes place during June 10-12 so it’s basically just around the corner at this point. In preparation for the game you check out our article on “Things we should and shouldn’t expect” from Mass Effect 4. Also, make sure you stay tuned for all the latest news and updates.

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  1. These loser traffic wh#ring twitter phonies have been at this sort of thing for a while now. Their so called claims to the next mass effect game having a title has been officially dismissed as nothing more than wannabe insider lies. Let’s not give them anymore media coverage because that’s what they are after.

  2. A trailer would be great but this is a rumor, don’t get your hopes up everyone.

  3. eh, they already screwed up the series anyways, no body really cares.

      • then you are one of the few remaining. Most of everyone has given up on Bioware but specifically Casey Hudson’s bullsh!t, leaving and taking up just sheer apathy over the series and some extent bioware as a whole. Because basically they are corporate slaves to EA now.

        Instead of Hudson admitting what he did was wrong and working to fix it, he in his douche baggery has brought down the entire series all because he refuses to admit fault in what he did.

        FYI, if you don’t know what he did, he and Mac Walters pretty much locked themselves into a room and wrote the ending by themselves, and cut out the rest of the development team on it’s development. In other words not bothering to have it peer reviewed by the rest of the development team who worked on the other 90% of the game, but no decided he and walters would carry the torch the last bit. Which is why the change in plot is so abrupt, as if it seems like someone else just started writing. the shift is so jarring, it’s one of the reasons WHY the end is considered so bad, more then just it’s thematic differences from the series but even it’s own game that the came before it. But the sheer structure and flow change and you can actually tell EXACTLY where the main writers leave off and where Hudson and Walter’s pile of crap begins. It’s so blatant that it completely smashes immersion.

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